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The Order of the Phoenix [entries|friends|calendar]
The Order of the Phoenix

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[18 Jan 2005|12:24pm]

As many of you know Marlene McKinnon has been lost, alongside her entire family.  Murdered at the hands of our foes. 

I do not know who is responsible, or why they have done what they have done.  Would that I did.

It is at times such as these when we must remember what we fight for.  We fight for the lives of those like Marlene, who was so strong, so brave, so wonderfully alive.  We fight for those she loved, who were lost for some unknowable reason.

In these times, we must remember not to forget.
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[13 Jan 2005|11:09pm]

Is everyone all right, then?
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[24 Dec 2004|09:52am]

Right. First things first. Merry Christmas everyone! I know it hasn't arrived just yet but I'm dreadfully excited and it's always fun to give and receive another season's greeting. Besides this journal doesn't always have be the bearer of bad news or the planner of another mission. It positively pleases me to say, I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas. I even managed some alliteration to give Remus another reason to smile. Remus, dear, you are looking so much better and I am so happy to see it.

James and I have had a little chat about getting the group of us together to celebrate the New Year. Renew that group spirit! So on New Year's Eve, James and I would love to have you all over at our place. Does that sound good?
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[21 Dec 2004|09:02pm]

Right then.

I am awake now.  I suppose that would be all.

Oh yes.  Thank you to everyone who visited, though I was certainly poor company in that time having been asleep.

It's a bit difficult to write, and so I will stop now.

But thank you.
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[18 Dec 2004|03:28pm]

I didn't think I'd see this place again so soon. If this keeps up they're going to know me by name here.

Remus slept yesterday. Last night he woke up and talked to me. Told me it hurt and he didn't remember what had happened. I told him the healers would come and fix everything up but they didn't until later, after he'd gone back to sleep. After he told me that he didn't want to sleep because he thought he might not wake up. And he hasn't, not today. He's sleeping now and I'm sitting here writing this because it stops me thinking that he might be right. He sounded just as sure that he was right as I was that he was wrong. It's going to make me mad waiting to find out which one of us was correct. I think I can hear a clock in another room and that isn't helping in the least. Well maybe if I do go mad they won't have to take me far.

So he's sleeping now. Alice, thanks for the flowers and the owl. It's good you and Frank are all right anyway. James - thanks mate. What else can I say?

Whatever happens, when this is over with, I'm going to find the one who caused this. That bastard that did this to him and made me watch it all without being able to stop it - I'm going to catch them, and do all the damage they did and more. I'll kill every Death Eater in existence if that's what it takes, even Voldemort. I'll make them sorry they ever crossed my path.
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[17 Dec 2004|01:45am]

I suppose I'd better be the one to do this. I was right; it was a trap, but we knew that. Sirius was Remus was badly injured. And Sirius isn't doing too well either. I mean, he's physically fine but... right, I shouldn't go into it.

They ambushed us on the shore of the lake; I'm not sure as to an exact count but we weren't too badly outnumbered. Bellatrix was there, unless they've randomly taken on another female Death Eater who's that good with a wand. Dolohov was unmasked...I'd like to see him bloody try that when I'm on the job! Rabastan was there as well; the only reason I know that is that he got me with the Imperius Curse. Heard his voice in my head; he tried to get me to...stab Alice. I stabbed him instead but Dolohov was on me after that so I didn't get to finish the job.

There was about another thirty seconds of chaos, and then Lily got one of them with a Stunner, which released Sirius, and they Disapparated after that.
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[16 Dec 2004|01:20pm]

Not to ruin holiday spirits, but... am I the only one seriously disturbed by Rabastan and Dolohov? I mean, more so than usual? I have a few guesses as to the sort of party they're planning. But it also smells of a trap.
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[04 Dec 2004|09:27pm]

All right then.  Am I to understand that Sirius and Frank have been up to no good?

Ashwinder eggs?  That's vigilante justice, mates, for shame.  Wish I had been there.
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[28 Nov 2004|01:20am]

Overheard some blokes at Egan's last night and it sounds as though there might be some minor Death Eater activity in Ruthin. I'm going to head over there and look around a bit for the next few days. It's probably nothing, but if I stay around London any longer I'll go mad.
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[27 Nov 2004|01:09am]

Writing this here because I'd rather not confess to the world at large how much of a git I am. My head still hurts. Alcohol is shite, honestly. I'm a lot worse off than I was before I got pissed. I don't even know how the fight started; I don't bloody remember a thing. I owe thanks to Sirius and Remus. I owe you both. I'm ashamed she had to call you in like that. And I can't even begin to apologise to Alice.

I feel like I've let everyone down. Hugh was a great guy; he'd never hurt a soul. He was the only one of the lot who would refuse to go on hunting trips. Couldn't bear to take another life. I didn't know Sarah quite as well, but she was always very kind to me for her part. And now they're dead, and it's probably because of me.

So I'm shitty friend, husband, and cousin. Three for four. I'm going to make sure I'm not a shitty Auror on this. I need to find out who did this. I need to.
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[26 Nov 2004|12:21am]

Alice and I were awakened a few hours ago by coworkers in Magical Law Enforcement. My cousin and his wife were murdered in their home this evening. Someone shot the Dark Mark into the air after.

Why? What the fuck did Hugh or Sarah ever do to anyone. I'm trying to make sense of it, but I just don't get it. I need a drink.
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[22 Nov 2004|07:44pm]

Bloody hell! Did you lot see the Prophet? Since when do Death Eaters kill without magic? I mean, they've got werewolves and assorted daggers and poisons...but this doesn't seem to go along with their general method of operation. Any thoughts here?
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[20 Oct 2004|10:23pm]

Well we...fuck. Basically, we walked into an ambush. And Voldemort was there. Everybody's all right, but Alice and I would be dead if it hadn't been for quick wandwork on the part of Sturgis, Emmeline, and Alastor.
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[20 Oct 2004|03:58pm]

I reckon it would best to brief the rest of you in case some of us don't Well, just in case.

Alice and I have strongly suspect that Rabastan Lestrange is the nutter stalking Miss Chittock. We don't have any solid proof, but there is also the fact that he all but publically declared himself a Death Eater. Alice, Sturgis, Emmeline and I are going to be trailing him this evening. Mr Moody will be along as backup. Hopefully this will turn something up.
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[11 Oct 2004|06:49pm]

I just got back from Glenda Chittock's flat. That stalker of hers used some seriously powerful dark magic to break through those wards. The place positively reeks of it...well, that and burning hair. The wards did do some good. They were top notch, I don't believe I could have broken through them. I'm thinking it's got to be a Death Eater. I'm just not entirely certain I understand why.
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[13 Sep 2004|02:55pm]

Right, so I ought to explain what has been going on.  Right.

By the time Lils and I got to Kenmore last night, Sirius had gone off for some surveillance duties.  I blame this foolishness on Moony, who ought to have chained him down like a dog.  Instead, he was out there being an arse like he does, and we were all waiting round for him to get back with some useful information so we could plan a strategy and all that rot which we never got to do because Sirius got into a fight with a Death Eater.  So he comes back and warns us that now the Death Eaters and their nocturnal friends have got all het up and are going round starting trouble, so of course we had to go and confront their dark magic flinging arses.

About halfway through the fight the vampires up and left.  I swear I heard one of them say "sod this."

After that it wasn't as desperate, and the Death Eaters eventually retreated.  No one was badly injured, but we couldn't find the bastards after so I reckon they Disapparated.

So we all went back to recover, and nothing interesting has happened since except for the bleeding drama what went on in the next room, which I am not going to comment on.  Actually yes I am.  Bloody hell, mates.  Just... bloody hell.
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[12 Sep 2004|09:03pm]

Right.  We're having a bit of a problem in Kenmore, actually.

There are Death Eaters, meeting with a number of vampires, which is rather more than two can begin to handle, though Sirius is quite insistent upon trying.  For the moment I have stopped him from rushing off into certain doom, but he is sulking and I'm not actually sure I can hold him back for much longer.

So, ah yes, what we actually need is more people.  I hate to sound demanding, but death is not high on my agenda at present.
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[12 Sep 2004|06:17pm]

There should be five Death Eaters at least an hour north of Epping with two chimaeras unless they managed to get further.

Frank and I spotted seven Death Eaters with five chimaeras in Epping Forest earlier. It looked as though the Death Eaters were merely transporting them, we don't know where to though. We managed to follow them for a bit before we were spotted and then, well, I suppose the lot of you can imagine what happened.

Basically, one of the Death Eaters had been killed by a chimaera and we left two of them unconscious to be taken into custody by Aurors. As far as I know, two of the chimaeras were killed during the fighting and one managed to escape though I think the Aurors managed to snatch it before it got too far; they arrived just as Frank and I were leaving.

It’s...possible we might have been spotted by one of the Aurors, Frank would hear if we were or not, but I thought it should be noted.
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[08 Sep 2004|09:27pm]

I have now heard from my contacts once more, and we are prepared to act.

The following volunteers have contacted me, here or via owl, as regards their willingness to participate on this venture:

Sirius Black
Frank Longbottom - I do believe Alice has awakened?  Tell me, of course, if you are unavailable.
Remus Lupin
Dorcas Meadowes
Peter Pettigrew - or, rather I am inclined to take his words as volunteering!  Do tell me, Peter, if I am incorrect?
James Potter
Lily Potter
Gideon Prewett
Emmeline Vance
Caradoc Dearborn

Death Eater reports have come in from Egton, Corwen, Epping, Porlock and Kenmore.

Obviously, we shall need to pair you off, in an innocent sort of fashion.  I suggest a game of chance!  Perhaps throwing darts at a list of names, or drawing straws.

I will suggest that the lot of you leave as soon as you can - tomorrow morning, if possible, and no later than Friday evening if not.  I cannot guarantee that the Death Eaters, if there are indeed Death Eaters in these places, will linger for long.
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[01 Sep 2004|09:16pm]

Times both hopeful and grim come upon us, but we shall weather this storm.  I am not certain what most of you think on the subject of destiny, nor am I certain what I think, myself.  It is, however, something to consider.

I have heard from Kingsley Shacklebolt this evening.  It seems there are rumours regarding the location of a group of Death Eaters: whispers passed inside the Auror offices, and yet several locations are named.  I am afraid I must ask you to risk yourselves once again: a number of volunteers are necessary to investigate the various locations.  Please speak if you are willing to undertake this task.
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